Remember this is a “blind” review process, however, when you turn your scholarship applications in (4 copies), please attach a slip of paper with your name on it to the top of the bundle so that we have it for the master identification list. It can then be removed after it has been logged in. Thanks.


Due Date: ​ Spring 2023 Date TBD

Two scholarships, in the amount of fifteen hundred dollars ($1500) each, will be awarded to one male and one female scholar/athlete each year. These scholarships will be awarded to members, in good standing of the graduating class, who have earned at least one varsity letter, and have continually displayed outstanding characteristics of a student-athlete during their high school career. The scholarships may be applied toward any level of further education attained within one year of graduation. Applicants do not need to participate in intercollegiate athletics to be eligible. However, applicants who have received/accepted a “full-ride” collegiate scholarship will not be eligible for consideration.

Submit four (4) copies of all pages of your application, removing your name everywhere it appears – on reference forms and letters. Your application will not be accepted without all four copies. When you have your four (4) completed packets done, group them together and put a note paper on top of the package with your name and reference number for office use in sorting applications.

Please do not include more than one reference from a teacher. Teachers should use the evaluation form provided for the other Mattawan MPEF Scholarships. It is available on the MPEF web site. Be sure to give the teacher a copy of the evaluation form to use, and remind them to copy it three more times when they are done. But REMEMBER it is a Blind Evaluation. Your name should not be used and the teacher may turn it into the Guidance office to Mrs. Galla. You may use character references from someone outside of your family. However, remember again, before you copy it to blacken out your name, and make sure you have the four copies.

All applicants will remain unknown to the selection committee based on numerical coding of each application – thus insuring equal consideration of all applications. Therefore, carefully consider and respond (using a word processor or typewriter) to each of the following questions.


Due Date: Spring 2023 Date TBD

Thank you for your interest in the Mattawan Athletic Boosters Scholarship.