1. Welcome- Scott Sanderson
  2. Board Members
    President- Scott Sanderson
    Vice President-Topher Ropp
    Secretary- Renee Sanderson
    Treasurer- Pam Kolinski (with regrets)
    5th Member / Director- Christi Usher (with regrets)
  3. Committee Chairs
    Fundraising-Shannon Melvin (with regrets)
    Sponsorship-Gregg Rutgers
    Spirit-Amy Doxtater & Paulette Pugh
    Concessions – Julie Ringlever
    Website – Tara Conklin (with regrets)
  4. Treasurer Report-
    Current Account Balance: $71,466.41 (as of 10/03/2018)
    Rathco – Baseball Dugouts: $252.
    FIP Printing – HS Banners: $2,265.56
    Any Weilding & Cutting – HS Banners: $316.
    T-Shirt Printing – Mens Basketbal Uniforms: $810.
    MISC IT Dept – Soccer Audio : $4,000.
    T-Shirt Printing – Soccer Screen: $775.
  5. Fundraising Report- Shannon Melvin
    Golf Outing Review – Lake Cora 1st year. 93 golfers. Profit – $10,338.77. (More golfers
    plus more Sponsorship/hole donations). Thank you to all volunteers this year!
    Next Event-Bowling for Boosters – Winter – Teams who need to provide baskets.
    Shannon will send out a reminder to all coaches a couple months in advance for baskets.
  6. Sponsorship Report- Gregg Rutgers:
    Corporate Sponsors total donations: $35,850.00
  7. Spirit Report- Amy/ Paulette/Gregg
    BSN – Online Store- Sales – $3,378 first sales most recent $705. Approx. $15,700 in 2
    months sales! BSN and Underarmour are two main brand names.
  8. Yard Signs – Renee Sanderson / Christine Janssen
    $25 each. New printer this year : Marc Rizzolo at Sign Center. 17 signs sold for Fall.
    Upcoming Winter and Spring. Will have store open sooner and longer. Some discussion
    of parents asking for boosters to sponsor yard signs for all seniors or varsity. Will
    consider this in future.
  9. Concessions – Julie Ringlever – check from band boosters in office for leftover concessions
    we sold to them? Plan to use Sam’s Club and get a MAB membership. Meet with AD this
    week. Sign Up Genius likely to be used. Concessions and Spirit Store discussed.
  10. Student Activities – Chad Yeager11. Open Floor/Q&A
    2018/2019 Quarterly Meetings-
    Sunday November 11, 2018 @ 7 PM High School Library
    Sunday February 10, 2019 @ 7 PM High School Library
    Sunday May 19, 2019 @ 7PM High School Library
    Reminder: Coaches or Team Representative Must attend 3⁄4 of meetings and provide
    basket / raffle item annually to be eligible for funds from Mattawan Athletic Boosters